Music Department

Music plays a vital role in our church services and serves as a vehicle to usher us into the presence of God. The role of this department is to lead and coordinate all activities regarding music in the church.

Counseling Department

This department serves as a referral source in helping members find solutions to their problems whether it being spiritual, emotional, psychological, emotional, relational or social. They provide teaching and training to new convert and help them to be established in Christ.

Protocol Department

The protocol department is the arm of the church responsible for manning the church and Papa. They also see to it that special guest are welcomed and provided with the needed security and assistance

Ushering Department

The ushering department is responsible for ensuring a friendly atmosphere during church services. They welcome church members to their seats and ensure orderlines during church.

Hospitality Department

This department coordinates activities that involve hospitality and care ministries i.e attending to first timers and ensuring a friendly environment during Church service. they also follow up on those who visit the church and provide them with the warmth needed to become part of the church.

Information Department

This department is in charge of disseminating information within the church i.e announcement and publicity.

Welfare Department

This department is responsible for providing the physical care to the church members.They see to it that the needy and less privileged are supported and they also mobilize support for members during times of bereavement and celebrations.

Technical Department

This department is responsible for maintenance of technical equipment and media coverage of the church. They set up the musical instrument, audio and visual equipment in the church.