The EMC is a group of ministers of the gospel who look up to Rev Robert Ampiah-Kwofi for inspiration, counsel, and guidance. EMC has both full-time and part-time ministers of the gospel as members. All ministers of the gospel are welcome to be part of this august body.

EMC aims to provide a platform for teaching, observation, and association for ministers. EMC emphasizes the necessity of “Teaching, Association, Observation, and Following” as prerequisites for the impartation of spiritual graces and empowerment.

EMC provides an opportunity for “Teaching” through monthly meetings currently held every 2nd Monday of every month. Members have the opportunity to be mentored by Rev. Robert Ampiah-Kwofi and other seasoned ministers. Many ministers have been greatly blessed by their association with REV. ROBERT AMPIAH-KWOFI

Many have developed outstanding ministries both home and abroad. EMC members are also given preferential seating at all conferences organized by the AMPIAH-KWOFI World Outreach as well as discounts on bulk purchases of pastor Robert’s books and tapes.

You can register now to become a member by clicking on the membership form button and filling in your details. Wherever you are, around the world, you will have access to Papa Robert’s messages through the website.

For Further Inquires:
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